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Melena Redwood


Melena is a professional computer hardware expert, currently working with a word class Motherboard Manufacturing Company. Melena is a Ph.D in Computers and Electronics from Stanford University. His expertise to make better circuits on the board that are highly optimized for least power consumption made her popular. She is one of the best Motherboard maker in America. Not only with the motherboards, but she is also famous due to the different techniques and tricks that she has given to protect your pc from threats and what if your pc already infected.

Tod Fishermen


Tod is a web master, expert web programmer, application programmer and mobile games developer who has over 20 years of experience in IT and industry standards. He is one of the oldest programmers who is still using Assembly language, Assemblers and De-assemblers and applications that are made for such standards.

He has worked as Programmer in Chief for different companies and got several awards for great programs and algorithms development. Tod is currently working in a Windows Anti-virus Development Firm and therefore he got the in-depth details about the latest threats, their effects and their solutions. We are proud to have Tod Fishermen adding in our Author’s Panel.

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